Saturday, July 4, 2009

"Who can be cuter than us HOR?"

That night we were on my laptop, surfing. And I showed him an old friend's blog. She's currently a model and has the initials MT. Go figure.

So I was like,

S: There, that's my friend. Pretty right pretty right? She's a model lehhhhhhhz.
B: Ok la. Not really, but can see that guys will look kind.
S: HUHHHH like that only??? *scrolls down her blog* THERE, that's her boyfriend. I think he's a model too. They're damn cute together man.... *swoons*
B: Cute like how?
S: Dunno... like always go out for food together and uhhh dunno *hesitates* just cute together?
B: Please la. Who can be cuter than us HOR? Who else would do our little scratchy thing? Hor? Who can be cuter than us???

HAHA, he can be so cute sometimes (:

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