Thursday, August 13, 2009

I need to blog more

So, 2nd week of the semester is coming to an end. How fast is that? Feels like just yesterday when I said goodbye to my parents at the airport, and was crying all the way back to my empty apartment. And then crying even more when I opened the door to the half-empty place I used to call home - one that I was pretty set on staying in for the long haul, if not for the sudden change in plans.

But oh well, life's like that. Things don't always turn out the way you want and expect them to be.

Anyway, I'm overloading my credits for this semester but I realise it's a pretty slack semester (for now, cause broadcast season hasn't started). I only have 1 assignment due for the whole month of September. Jealous? HAHA, don't be. When broadcast season starts, I'm gonna have to dedicate 7hours a day in a week for producing TV news. Sounds fun? Meh. I got word that my tutor is racist.

Class tomorrow at 2.30pm which is THA BOMBBBBBBB ;D It rocks cause all my other classes are in the morning this sem. Sucks.
Waking up at 7am in the morning is seriously no joke. Especially in this wintery +erratic weather. It's crazy lah seriously. Here, it rains for like, wait it POURS for like 2 minutes, then it stops for say 15 minutes, then POURS again, then stops and starts and......... you get it.
The weather Gods must be PMS-ing.

On another note.......

Living with a pre-teen has made life very colourful, in more ways than one. Often I feel like the nagging big sister which is something I've never really got to experience being the only child. I guess it brings out the youth in me as well. Just the other day I was watching him chat with his girlfriend, and all of a sudden I started reminiscing about those puppy love days... Back then, we never wanted to admit it was puppy love. Parents would always tell us it was, but we'd always deny it. But looking back now, hell yes it was puppy love. It's really cute though, how "in love" you can be or "act". Saying "I Love You's" after every few sentences... and calling each other pet names every chance you get. Everything's so carefree and easy... Now, we have to think of all these grown up problems which are NO FUN AT ALL.

Oh well... my attempt to blog casually has failed. Too much deep stuff. But I hope this satisfies whoever's been waiting for an entry in this idle blog.
Will be back soon, I hope. See y'all (:

PS. Why are less and less people blogging? I mean, the real substantial ones who actually have somthing to say. Not those bimbotic kinds that have mush for brains. Come back, you intellectual ones! BLOG!

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