Saturday, August 22, 2009

Oh man, I really wanted to participate in the 40Hour Famine...

You know sometimes, I just wish I could chop off like 5 years from my age. I'm not saying that being 19 is so old. That's like thin people saying they're fat. Which totally revolts the hell out of me.
But, it's more of me envying the zest of these younger people in their attitudes towards blogging.

Over the years, I've found myself getting lazier and lazier to blog (which is really quite obvious judging by the scarcity of my posts).

I admire people who can take picture after picture (of themselves) and patiently upload them all on their post, and then, that's it. No point needed. Just wanted to show the whole world, stalkers and pedophiles alike, how they look like. Cause that's like, so essential right? You need your readers to know how you look like if not "IT'S SO IMPERSONAL!"

I'm not judging, by the way. It's totally your prerogative to post whatever you want in your own personal space, but personally, I've just become too lazy.

I wish I had more interesting things to blog about, rather than rambling on and on about nothing. To me, even clicking on "New Post" is such a chore. Mmmm.




At least I gave it a shot :x

PS. I really can't stand all this FML shit. When it first came out, yeah it was kinda funny and entertaining. But now it's hit everyone like the plague. I'm just not into all this conformist trend-following shit. It annoys me.

And in case you didn't know what FML is. It stands for Fuck My Life. How intelligent.


  1. babes, pretty stoked you could even blog up new posts man! :D
    seeing that y'all have been so busy & stuff.
    lynn is one serious blogging power house too.

    well as for me..
    the revival of my blogs has became a permanent uncertainty. :(
    I KNOW RIGHT. how do people ACTUALLY put up that many pictures up within a day?
    i could not fathom..

    and dude, totally loving the New Moon countdown! ((:
    & yeah man, you can do it there in Perth alright!
    hang in there P1! :D

  2. eh what power house ?!
    is that a good or bad thing :X

    and missing both of you like madness.
    and everytime I head someone say FML I want to slap their faces because it's so annoying. GMH over FML any day.
    please update kay :)

  3. AHHHH it's so nice to hear from you guys, you have no idea! We really need to conference soon... I feel like my life is slowly falling apart &I just really need support right now :/

    And no, Michie, I have NOT been busy. I've been way too free for my own good. Sigh :( And you should start blogging again.. I miss reading your entries... and WHAT can I do in Perth? Can't wait to see you in November, P2! <3

    I miss you too Lynn. We should catch up soon yeah? I don't get your e-mails anymore :(
    HAHA I'm glad someone shares the same thoughts on FML as me.
    Update me on life too k (: